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California State University, Fullerton

Department of Economics

Fall 2014

Economics 202: Pre-requisites: Econ 201

Section: 50.

Schedule Numbers: 12127 Department Office Phone: 657-278-2228;

Department Home Page: http://business.fullerton.edu/economics/

Instructor's Home Page:


Instructor: Dipankar Purkayastha

(Just say: "Deep Anchor") Office: SGMH 3396;

On-Campus Office Hours:

Mondays 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM and by appointment. Online Chat Hours: TBA

On-Campus Optional Tutorials: TBA

Office Phone: 657-278-3151

Email: dipankar@fullerton.edu

Introduction and Course Objectives:

The course will provide you with the basic economic literacy to be informed citizens in today's

complex world. It will introduce you to the basic economic principles that seek to explain the

behaviors of aggregate variables such as the level of national income, output, unemployment,

budget deficits, trade deficits, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, money supply and growth


Online Pedagogy and Difficulty Level of the Course:

Note that online courses in economics may be harder than the corresponding face-to-face

courses. People learn differently. Online classes are very good for some students (the pace is

flexible, it gives one the ability to listen to lecture several times, etc.) and not-so-good for some

other students. Some disadvantages of online courses: (1) Questions are harder in online tests

because they are all open book tests; (2) It is very hard for the instructor to figure out whether the

students are learning because class discussions seem to be limited in online classes; (3) Student

motivation is very important in online classes. Live, face-to-face in-class lectures are better for

student motivation; (4) Economics, in general, is a difficult subject because it tests your

analytical ability. There is less emphasis on memorization. Analytical subjects are harder to

teach online.

Last Day to Drop:

If you want to drop this class without a "W" grade, please drop by September 9, 2014. Note that after this...