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Jose Calderon

Mrs. Hilts


November 14 2013

Consider the Lobster

Is it right to put creatures/animals in pain and to show boat it with no remorse? This is something author of "consider the lobster" David Foster Wallace discusses about. He gives us a descriptive mental image of what the Maine Lobster Festival is about. He informs us that its held every late July with over 100,000 participants with the offerings of plenty attractions, events and over 25,000 pounds of fresh-caught lobsters that is served in multiple ways. With that being said he opinionates his insight on the lobster and lets us know what we don't about the lobster that we eat.

"There's a part of the brain in people and animals that lets us feel pain, and lobsters don't have this part" (pg.846) stated by Dick, a car salesman who's son in law is a professional lobsterman which is mentioned in the article.

If the statement is considered to be true then why do lobsters react by trying to unlock its claws over the kettles rim before being submerged in boiling water? Once in the kettle the lobster will rattle, try to push the lid off and scrape the sides as an attempt to escape. "The lobster has a simple nervous system, its decentralized with no brain, meaning there's no cerebral cortex which is the area of the brain that allows the experience of pain" as said in the article (pg.847). To me it seems that the poor lobster is fighting for its life because why else would it react to discomfort if it feels no pain?

Lobsters have a thing called nociceptors, also known as pain receptors. The nociceptors allows the lobsters to detect noxious stimuli which is a tissue damaging event that causes a reflex response that...