The dead easy way to make DivX-movies from DVD's!

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The dead easy way to make DivX-movies from DVD's!

This tutorial is based entirely on experience and not at all on technical insight, therefore I know this works fine and I will now share it with you.

There will be no pictures, just a step by step recipe on how to do the conversion.

You need:

1.PC with a DVD player installed

2.Any kind of DVD software player

3.The DVD you want to convert

4.The program "Smartripper 202".

5.The program "Flask Mpeg 594"

6.Some kind of bitrate calculator, I prefer "Advanced DivX Bitrate Calc!Version 1.8"

7.The DivX;-) codec

8.And finally a MP3 codec. "Radium" is a good one.

Install all programs from number 4-8 on you computer according to the on-screen instructions.

Now the ripping and packing itself:

1.Insert the DVD to rip into your DVD-player

2. Start the DVD softwareplayer.

3.Let the film begin to play, be sure to get to the movie itself, commercials or FBI-ads and such in the beginning will not do.

4.Press "pause" !

5.Start Smartripper and wait for the user interface to come up.

6.Smartripper will know what to rip so you just have to point the "Target"-directory to some place on your harddisk that can hold some 4-8 Gb of data

7.Press "Start !"

8.After some time the Smartripper will inform you that the ripping is complete.

9.Close Smartripper.

10.Close Your DVD-softwareplayer.

11.Start Flask !

12.Press "File" and choose "Open File"

13.Browse to the directory where you saved the DVD-rip and point to the first file with the extension ".vob"

14.Flask will now analyse the file.

15. Depending on wich language you want, you must choose audio-track. English is almost every time...