Dead Hearts : This is about a Poem, " NOT WAVING BUT DRWONING", was written by steve Smith

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Dead Hearts

This essay is going to discuss the symbolic meanings of a poem written in both first and third person. The poem being discussed" NOT WAVING BUT DRWONING", was written by steve Smith. In the poem, symbolic meanings are being used to describe the lack of emotions or state of depression. This state is being written in both written in both first and third person, illustrating the misinterpretation of his emotion.

In the poem a "dead man" is said to be "moaning", yet dead men do not make sounds. The dead man appears to be dead I another way. The poem also says that his situation was also misinterpreted or completely missed. " Nobody heard him, the dead man.. I was much further out than you thought and not waving but drwoning:. The :dead man : appears to be dead in an emotional state, which seems to be depression.

His state of depression becomes wore when his friends misinterprets his depression for happiness.

The Dead man situation seems to have been getting worse throughout time and appears to be suffering all his life from this state of depression , leading people to believe that's what turned him so cold. " it must have been too cold for him his heart gave way...' 'oh, no no, no, it was to cold always, I was much to far out all my life".

The dead man says his whole life has been cold, which also appears to be symbolic for his sate of depression. The dead man appears to blame his friends for feeling dead than himself. The dead man say he's been depressed all his life, and was fine; however, when he was misinterpreted by his friends, It was to much for him " it got to cold "...