"Dead Poet's Society"

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"Quiet men lead lives of desperation" - Walt Whitman. In the movie "Dead Poets Society" starring Robin Williams a group of young boys lead lives conformed by societies principles and their parents demands. They do not question their direction in life but follow their predestined path with quiet desperation. Once they meet a passionate English professor all that changes. Mr. Keating's teachings and lessons of transcendental though transform the boys from leading lives of quiet desperation to sucking the marrow out of life.

Todd changes drastically from a quiet reserved young boy to and independent self reliant young adult. Todd shows his quietness by not participating in any of the social event the other boys try to include him in. When Neil asks Todd to join him and the other boys for a Latin study session Todd refuses and makes obscure excuses. Todd displays his true passion for poetry when he is forced to read his poem in front of the entire class.

He shouts the poem with such emotion and exuberance that the audience automatically is drawn to his sudden change in charatcer. Finally when his best friend, Neil tragically dies Todd is thrown into a state of anguish and animosity towards the world. This shows that is severly affected.

Neil changes from being controlled by his fathers demands to being a non-conformist and following his own ambitions. When his father commands him to drop the annual he does so without very much hesitation or question. Neil is used to his fathers controlling personality and harsh rules so he does not really notice when his father takes away certain extracurricular activities that he is very fond of. When Mr. Keating shows the boys that they should create their own path in life and not follow someone...