"Dead Poet's Society": A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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A Teachers Self-Fulfilling Prophecy For His StudentsWelton Academy was known as a private college prep school for boys. The school’s reputation was based on tradition, excellence, honor, and discipline. These tenets were drummed into the boy’s everyday. John Keating’s was an eccentric and inspiring teacher who tried to awaken a sense of individuality in his students. Keating taught poetry, but his students got more than that. The students learned passion and self-confidence through instructor Keating’s self-fulfilling prophecies for them.

Todd Anderson was one of Keating’s students who battled with a crippling shyness. Todd suffered from low self-esteem. This prevented him from seeing his own strengths thus making Todd unaware of his positive traits. He created his own limits by having a negative self-concept of himself. In one of Keating’s classroom settings, Todd refused to read a poem. However, John Keating’s neither gave him an “F” nor let him sit down.

He made Todd believe in himself. In a loud, but compassionate tone, Keating’s said, “Mr. Anderson thinks everything inside of him is worthless and embarrassing. Isn’t that right Todd? Isn’t that your worst fear? Well I think you’re wrong! I think you have something inside of you that is worth a great deal.” Professor Keating’s then had Todd stand up in front of the class and utter loud yawps. He whirled him around and aloud him to use free association. The surprised classmates began to applause at Todd’s success.

When individuals experience success, they grow in self-confidence. As their self-esteem grows, they feel more comfortable to face new challenges.

Keating’s demonstrated another self-fulfilled prophecy towards a student named Neil Perry. Neil’s father was a ridiculous stereotype of an anxious and controlling parent. He wanted Neil to become a doctor, but Neil’s passion was for acting. His strict father disapproved...