Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poet's Society Mr. Keating is a young inspiring eccentric professor.he encourages his students to think for themselves and push the boundries of life and view things in a different way.Mr.Keating is a person who attempts to get the most out of life and encourages the students to do the same thing by getting into poetry while attending Welton Academy.

Mr. Keating encourages his students to "suck the marrow out of the bones of life" meaning he wanted each one of his students to experience life as well as live every moment to the fullest. Mr. Keating was called a "hellraiser" because he preached individuality apposed to the foundation upon which welton was built,"the four pillars".Mr. Keating's ideals clashed with the conservative policies of the academy.despite and maybe even because of his unorthodox teaching style Mr. Keating made a greater impression on his students then anyone ever had.

Mrkeating could be considered an idealist because his beliefs contradict the conventional practices of a teacher.

He took a genuine interest in the lives of his students and in the process became more then a teacher.Mr. Keating became a mentor, and in the process taught the students to become free thinkers and follow there dreams at all keating brought out the raw passion in his students and proved to them that "the world is there oyster." Mr. Keating made it clear that conformity is a fate worse then death.