Dead poets society.

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Dead Poets Society is a dramatic movie about a teacher who conforms his students into his own ideas. It is set in 1959, in a strict, wealthy boarding school for boys called Welton Academy situated in Vermont.

John Keating was assigned as a new English professor in Welton Academy. Keating was a former student of Welton and is very passionate about his teaching. He is a charismatic teacher who earned his students love, respect and attention through his strong teachings and different perspective on life. Mr. Keating teaches his students to "seize the day" and to "make their lives extraordinary". Throughout this film Keating manipulates his students and unintentionally conforms them to his own ideas.

Mr. Keating's English poetry class are a well educated, high class, highly enthusiastic group of boys who are overwhelmed by their new teacher Mr. Keating. When the boys are encouraged to seize the day and make their lives extraordinary, their personalities and their outlook on life changes.

Knox had feelings towards this girl called Chris, but it was against school policy to have women on campus. With the new expression "seize the day" Knox ignored the rules and runs after Chris despite all the consequences he could have suffered. Another student affected by John Keating was Charles Dalton. Charles was completely changed by the saying. At the boys Dead Poet's Society meetings held by the students, he brought tobacco, pipes, alcohol and girls. And throughout the movie Charlie broke free of the strict rules he was following at Welton and got himself expelled. Neil Perry was also greatly moved by the Latin phrase, Carpe Diem. His father had high expectations and gave Neal no choice in his career. Neil had dreams of acting and earned the lead part in a play. When his father...