Dead Poets' Society. Directed by Peter Reis. Discuss Mr Keating's philosophy; carpe diem (seize the day) and to what extent is it christrian, in relation to four students from the film.

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The Dead Poets Society is a movie set in the nineteen fifties about students attending a prestigious Ivy league all boys college. Mr Keating a charismatic English teacher encourages the students to seize the day and to make their lives extraordinary. These philosophies fostered by Mr. Keating are quite similar to those in the bible in some respect. This essay will discuss in what way four students applied Mr Keating's advice and to what extent was this advice Christian.

Neil Perry was a student who takes Mr Keating's advice to heart by pursuing his dreams and ambitions in choosing acting as a career against his father's wishes. Tragically this could be considered to have contributed to Neil's suicide when his father would not let him pursue his dreams. Knox Overstreet seizes the day by taking risks and becoming more daring pursuing a relationship with a girl named Chris who already has a tough and popular boyfriend.

Charlie Dalton takes Mr Keating's advice to heart by acting somewhat foolishly by rebelling against authority and doing what he feels like. He takes Mr Keating's advice too far and contributes to his expulsion. Todd takes Mr Keating's advice to heart by standing up for what he believes to be right. He is the first one to come to Mr Keating's defence even if it meant getting in serious trouble with the school. It takes an enormous amount of courage to do this he is a very apprehensive and shy boy by nature.

As a result of Mr Keating's advice each of these students takes more risks, rebels or acts foolishly. This is because Mr Keating's advice is perhaps misconstrued by the students .In stead of the boys making the most of their lives as Mr Keating intended, somewhere along the...