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Essay by Ryankirkland April 2004

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Inside the school it is very formal, old men who like to assert their authority run it. Most classes are the same students sitting upright, not speaking unless they have been asked.

The teachers demand and expect a lot of respect discipline. Inside there is a strict atmosphere, expression of ones self is restricted, students have expectations put on them from both parents and teachers so the students don't' have the freedoms to do as they please or spend their spare time doing their own thing outside is more peaceful, it has its own sense of freedom about it, the scenery is breath taking and the stillness is relaxing. Students have less rules to stick to, outside is free of books and desks and demanding old men, a bit of relief from inside the school walls. The boys have meetings for the dead poets society in an old Indian cave off the school grounds.

The boys sneak out at night when everyone is asleep and make their way to the cave past the lake. On the way to the meetings, the boys walk along damp ground, through a haze of fog and mist into an almost dead looking forest. The lighting suggests that it is night time, it seems the only light on their journey to the cave is soft moon light and light from their torches. Camera is static, it shows the boys running past, or shows the meetings. The camera is not part of the group, it is as though it is an observer.

Being part of the group would provide a more sympathetic view. By being an external observer you are not part of the group, you are not included where as if you are viewing the situation as if you are part of it then it...