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"In Dead Poets Society, Neil's death is an event which profoundly effects everyone. Discuss how the film demonstrated this." Neil Perry is a very likeable character in the movie "Dead Poets Society." This is because he has an outstanding, compassionate, and audacious personality. When watching the scene in the movie where Neil's arm can be seen lying motionless on the floor with a gun lying guiltily beside him, one can only be too sure that Neil has ended his own life. Due to Neil's personality traits, he is very popular amongst his peers and teachers and because of this, his tragic suicide is a very heart-wrenching event. It causes everyone who is involved with Neil, including his parents, friends and teachers, to be deeply impacted by his death. As a result they are each profoundly affected in some way or another either negatively or positively.

As it is expected every parent treasures his or her children and therefore a tragic death such as Neil's would horrify any parent.

When Mr Perry first sees Neil's motionless body on the floor, immediately he is affected. He screams out "My son, oh my son, my poor son." This shows that Mr Perry cannot believe what has happened. He is shocked and horrified. Mrs Perry runs over to Neil's body at this same time and cries, "It's alright, it's alright, it's alright"¦" etcetera. Following Neil's death, Mr and Mrs Perry decide that Neil's outrageous English teacher Mr Keating must be the cause of Neil's death. This is another effect that Neil's death has on them. They are confused and at the same time very irate over Neil's death and so as a way of trying to cope, they put the blame on Mr Keating. The death of Neil has a large emotional effect on both...