Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer By: Ann Rule

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It was a warm and beautiful Sunday night on September 21, 1986 at the Sunset Highway, in Oregon, when Cheryl Keeton's brutally bludgeoned body was found in her van. The van was in the fast lane and found by a motorist, Randall Kelly Blighton, who stopped to see if he could offer any type of help. Blighton saw a silhouette of an infant in the vans window, which he now says was a car seat, and felt that he couldn't just pass by after he had just dropped off his own children with their mother. When he first arrived at the van he set out flares to make sure that the passing cars knew the van was there. The car was placed around a curve where oncoming traffic wouldn't see it. Then, he opened the drivers side door and found that a woman's purse was jammed between the accelerator and the firewall, which would explain the continually motion forward.

He could see that a figure was lying across the front seat and that her head was tucked into her chest just over the passenger seat. He could also see that the figure had on a loafer type shoe on one foot that looked feminine. He searched to turn on the emergency flashers, but was unable to find them, not knowing that they were over-head. He felt the floor to see if there was a baby; however, as he felt around the floor and the seats of the van he realized why it was so hard to see through the driver's side window. The windows were splattered with something dark, blood. Nevertheless, he felt it was more important to keep searching to find the baby instead of stopping. He couldn't figure out how there could be so much blood in...