The Dead Wood - Creative Writing Story

Essay by CKY1988 October 2004

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"That'll be 3 dollars, 43 cents, Sir," said the old man as Michael paid for his gas. He had filled the tank in preparation for the long journey ahead. He and his fiancée Sarah were travelling together to visit his mother and father in southern Canada. He hadn't seen them for years.

The night air was beginning to become chilly and the moon started to gleam through the grey clouds in the dark sky. Tiny droplets of rain began to trickle onto the car windscreen and Sarah wound up the window because the icy rain was making her shiver. Sarah was having doubts about the journey. "It'll be fine, Sarah, don't worry, we'll make it there in no time!" chanted Michael. It was dangerous and mysterious driving through the dark thick clouds of eyrie fog and wind- washed rain. The weather was so horrendous through most of the journey and the fog was so thick Michael somehow misread the signpost that marked the way they were heading.

He didn't realise, of course, that they were heading towards a dense, spooky forest. Many old witches and ghost story preachers told tales of travellers getting lost in a forest along a route to Southern Canada and disappearing... This forest was often called the Dead Wood, for many reasons. Michael had heard this story many times, but he didn't believe the dead wood existed until now...

The journey suddenly became very bumpy and creaky, the car slid about in the slimy, dark mud on the dirty track. Sarah and Michael could see huge, towering trees with swaying branches above their heads. He had never seen trees so tall. They pulled over and got the map out. They were completely lost. They then decided to stop for a few hours and maybe catch...