The Deadliest Battles Of WW1.

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Among the great wars, there were two deadliest wars which happened during 1916 in Europe. They were the battles of the Somme and Verdun which made a bunch of troops and people died. But, what made these wars were the deadliest? There were some reason what made these wars were the deadliest war on world war one. Weapons and Leaders were the main things that made this war was the deadliest one.

Deadliest weapons were great sources to make the war succeeded. These wars used several deadly weapons such as machine guns, artillery, and guns. During the bombardment, Germany used machine guns to attack the British armies, and the result was successful. They made the most part of British troops forced back into their trenches and made them were killed and wounded. To use the machine gun, it needed 4-6 men and it had to be on the flat surface and using the flat trajectory tripod to keep it stable during shooting.

No wonder the German armies could shoot the target successfully by using machine guns. Artillery bombardment which often happened during the battle of the some and Verdun, also made many troops died and raised the general's temper to destroy his enemies. They used some kind of canon and deadly grenades that makes explosion. It was not easy as to use machine gun, artillery was heavy but deadly, that's why there was some news that an army accidentally attacked his own friends. That's why many humans died because of the bombardment. For the last, guns are the most important thing that a soldier should have. It's easy to use and bring, and its result's literally deadly. Those weapons were considered as things to achieve a victory but it makes people died.

But weapons were not the only thing that...