How to deal with divorce.

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My dad and I did not talk for three years. He has a new life and family. Statistics show that seven out of ten marriages end in divorce. Why couldn't my parents' marriage have been one of those three exceptions? My parents' divorce has been a significant event in my life that has made me mature faster, become more independent, and overall be a stronger person.

I grew up in a military family that moved a lot and had long periods of time where I rarely saw my father. I came to depend on my brother and sister for playmates. The normalcy of life changed after my parents divorced. Since then my family, consisting of my brother, sister and mom, has struggled financially and emotionally. I recall the day very well when my parents told us they would not be staying together. My older sister already knew and understood, but my brother and I, both younger, did not.

They gave us the same generic speech you hear in the movies: "It is not your fault kids; marriage is just not want Mom and Dad want anymore. We will love you always, but Daddy will not be living here." My mom continued to always be there, but my dad was gone even more so than he had been. I hadn't expected it to feel much different, since my dad's military service kept him away from home a lot. Nevertheless, somehow it was very different. I missed him twice as much, but hated him at the same time for what I felt was ruining my life. After going to the field he would not come home, he would go to a different, new home. Even when he was away for the army I always knew he would come back, when he moved...