Dealing with Bipolar Disorders in Children: A mother's story of Despiration.

Essay by amithidius December 2003

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Just recently I had discovered that I was dealing with a child that not only had ADHD, ODD, developmental delay, but he was also diagnosed with having bipolar disorder. I just hung my head and said to myself, "Lord, what will be next for this young man." I feel sorry for him, he shouldn't have deal with taking all of this medication.

Let me take you back about seven years to the time that my son was born. I'd had a normal pregnancy and I never expected anything to be wrong. Little did I know that on June 19, 1996 my life would change forever. I had given birth to a 8lb, 2oz baby boy and I was so happy. Until, I didn't hear him crying, I began to worry that something was seriously wrong. I didn't try to panic. The nurse had soon came over and told me that my son had aspirated on Meconium, (a newborn's first bowel movement) and they were suctioning him to remove it.

I thought "okay, I was just overreacting, everything is going to be okay." Little did I know that he would begin to have seizures shortly after that. I was devastated and I was worried that I had done something wrong in my pregnancy. I had never done drugs, I didn't drink during my pregnancy, and the strongest pill I had taken was regular strength Tylenol. What could possibly have went wrong. My son spent two months in hospital that was about 25 minutes away from the hospital I delivered him at. I traveled back and forth until he came home.

After he had came home, I would administer his medication through a picc catheter that was placed in him armpit. The antibiotic was being given for encephalitis and had to...