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This piece of writing is a critical review of my counselling experience with Kerry a seventeen year old young mother. I shall describe my counselling sessions evaluate my strength and weakness with my counselling technique. From my reflection on what has gone well or wrong I would be able to work out an action plan for my future counselling practices.


Kerry is a seventeen-year-old lady and she came to counselling because she was suffering from panic attack and depression. Kerry finds her depression and panic attack very frightening and she is struggling to overcome them. Kerry felt very anxious. She had been seen by the GP several times since the birth of her son in August last year. She had some depressive symptoms yet she could not tolerate various antidepressants including fluoxetine and citalopram, which the G.P prescribed.

She kept herself indoors and has cut off much of communication with her school friends. Her partner is a thirty year old man and though very supportive, the difference in age is still recognised and it is for this reason of panic attack that Kerry requested from the GP to refer her to a counsellor who might help her gain an insight into her problem.

Kerry's parents divorced when Kerry was quite young. She never knew her father and she was brought up by her grandparents. She is still very close to her mum. Her grandmum objected to her getting pregnant and going out to live with an elderly man like her partner. Kerry's partner was an Asian man but one thing I failed to inquire was whether Kerry's Grandmum objected to her pregnancy because of her involvement with an Asian man or before she (Kerry) was rather too young...