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Conflict Management

Organizational Behavior-MGT 331

Any manager knows that conflict is something that is going to arise in any work place sometime or another. Any manager has to know how to deal with and overcome. Although when people hear the word conflict, they think that something bad may have happened, that is not necessary true. Conflict simply comes from differing viewpoints, because no two people are exactly alike, disagreement is quite normal between people. There are many different forms of conflicts, and can be within yourself when you are not living according to your values or it may arise when your values and perspective are threatened or discomfort from fear of the unknown.

As stated earlier, conflict is not necessarily bad. It can help raise and address problems that are needed to be corrected and the organization can benefit from that. It can help motivate employees to participate in the decision-making process, because sometimes debating over issues can lead to interesting facts that others may not of realized or may not of though was a important.

Conflict can also help people learn how to recognize and benefit from their differences, because then they can understand where another co-worker is coming from. The only time conflict can be a bad things, is when it is poorly managed or not understood within the workplace, and the 'obvious' leads to violence.

Conflict can occur for many reasons in the workplace and some of the elements are poor communication between management and employees-most times this may arise when an employee does not interpret what the manager was saying, or tries to remember what it was the manager wanted done; the alignment or the amount of resources is insufficient-if a manager does not give enough resources for the employee to complete the project at...