Dear America Dreams In the Golden Country The Diary of Zipporah Faldman, A Jewish imigrant Girl

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September 1, 1903

My name is Zipporah Faldman. I am a 12 year old Jewish girl from Russia. I have two older sisters. The oldest is Tovah. She is 16. The middle child is Miriam. She is 15 and I zipporah (Zippy for short), am the youngest. I am 12 years old. Me, my two sister and my mother are finally going to America.

September 2, 1903

I am so confused and Lost. I am not at home is Russia. I really don't like America. My oldest sister Tovah says that I shouldn't hate America until I have lived here two years. I don't get what she is saying but I still have America. I could list a bazillion things that I hate. One thing for sure is that I don't like change.

September 3, 1903

I am finally at my American home. I kind of like it. It's bigger than our one room house in Russia.

Amazingly, It's a three bedroom house!!! I am feeling so much more lucky to have the family that I have. I am starting to like America a little bit. New York, Elliss Islad is amazing.

September 11, 1903

Tovah is teaching me english, it's really interesting. I am going to start going to school on Monday. I am really nervouse!!! What will happen? Will people hurt me? Now I'm scared!!!!!!! Well, I guss that I will have to wait and see...

September 17,1903

School is absolutly horrible. I am stuck in a room with a bunch of seven year olds in first grade! The seats are to small. The seats aremade for seven year olds. It's not fair!!!!!!!

September 24, 1903

I have made a new friend at school, her name is Blue. Although we arent very similar, we still love to talk...