Dear British Foreign minister

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Dear British Foreign Minster,

I am an American Confederate Diplomat who has travelled all the way to England to seek your assistance against the Northern invaders. Our new nation is being attacked by the northern union because sectional issues have pushed us to secede from their nation. Our nation would like to ask for British intervention to help us defend our country from the invaders. The Confederacy can offer Britain great interests in America, far greater than the union. Our two nations will form close ties where cotton will form a great industry. This is only one of the prospects that lie ahead if Britain would assist us in our cause. Let me outline interests Britain would gain by joining the confederacy to crush the Union invading forces.

Great Britain will gain huge economic benefits if she were to aid us in our war. Obviously the union still has a grudge against Great Britain for they have taxed all your imports and are trying to hurt your nation's economy in any means possible our new nation is an agrarian nation and will get its imports all from Great Britain; this will put a substantial increase in your nation's revenue.

This will make your country more prosperous then ever and boost your economy from the exports sustained by the war. Our main supplies such as weapons, railroads, shoes, ships and etc. will be provided by your great factories and industries. If Great Britain were to help us in our war effort, your nation's economy will prosper greatly. Cotton trade will be focussed directly to Great Britain, where industries will boom. Tobacco will also be provided from our plantations to your factories. No longer will your nation import cotton goods from the north but instead the north will import cotton goods from...