Dear Holden,         I was deeply concerned for your personal well

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Dear Holden, I was deeply concerned for your personal well being and your future after our last conversation. As a result of the burden that our conversation and your abrupt departure had on me I decided to talk to your parents about your current situation. When I spoke to them they said that they didn't know very much about what was happening in your life, or even where you were at that time. All that they knew or that they were willing to tell me was that you had been expelled from Pency Prep for poor academics and that you had not come home after your expulsion. I told them that you had come by my home and they were a little more confident that you would be ok. I asked your parents to keep me informed on how your life was going and to let me know if they got a hold of you and I told them that I was sorry that I upset you and made you leave abruptly.

Holden, I truly am sorry to have upset you. I was only meaning to comfort you in your time of loneliness and confusion. I heard from your parents a little while later about where you are staying, this did not come as a great surprise to me. I hope that you can get help there and will eventually become a member of society in the future. I remember how happy you were in my class and I hope that you will eventually be able to regain that happiness. You know that you can always come to me for advice or a place to stay after you get out of the institution that you are in, my door will always open to you. I hope that you gave some thought to the note that I wrote you and I also hope that you will be better very soon.

Your Friend, Mr. Antolini