Death and Spirituality

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Final Death Paper

The circle of life contains many different events that are unique for everyone, but in between these events lie two components that are consistent: life and death. Although life is an important concept, life would not be as sacred without death. Death is prevalent for everyone, but it is important because without it we would fail to recognize the importance of a life. If we focus too much on death we might be paranoid and afraid to live in the moment, but on the other hand, if we view death as in the distant future we could waste our life prolonging the inventible. Therefore, we need to find that intermediate balance between living life to its fullest potential without being too obsessed with the fear of dying. By recognizing death, we can then essentially recognize how to live our lives in a healthy spiritual way.

Solomon believes that death has meaning and is another component of life itself.

"The meaning of death comes down to the meaning of life, nothing less and nothing more" (Solomon 119). Solomon believes that we should accept the fact that death is inevitable, and make the most of the time that we have alive. A life is a very sacred thing, and when a life is taken away it can mean that that individual can no longer contribute their ideas and thoughts to the world around us. Thus, we as individuals need to exhibit the upmost importance on life, and take time to listen to others so that one day their ideas will be past to others. Therefore, even in death, our thoughts and ideas will still be living.

Others like Daniel Terri believe that "the way we perceive death is a choice" (Daniel, 41). By this he means that we can...