The Death Of The Hired Man

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There are three main characters in the poem "The Death of the Hired Man" by Robert Frost. They are; Warren, a farm owner, Mary, his acquaintance, and Silas, the hired man.

Mary is sitting outside one night, waiting for Warren to come home. She is preparing to tell him Silas has returned. Silas worked on Warren's farm when he was younger. When Warren hears of his returning, he is angry because Silas was not a good worker. Silas was told not to come back.

Warren and Mary discuss what to do with him. Mary thinks Silas has treated their place as a home, and has come back to die. They come to the conclusion that Silas is delirious and does not know he is no longer useful to them.

The couple decide the best thing to do is explain to Silas he cannot work on the farm any longer.

Mary sends Warren to tell him, because she does not want to hurt his feelings. After a very short time, Warren returns. He takes Mary's curious hand and says one word, "Dead.".

This is a story of a man who lived his entire life and has practically nothing to show for it. It reveals that young people will soon be old, and eventually forgotten.