The Death Of Ivan Illych

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The Death of Ivan Illych I think The Death of Ivan Illych was a really good story, which goes to show that people try to change every ethical decision they made in their lifetime when they know there dying. I believe that people want to change what they have done in the past. But the only reason why, is because they are feeling self-pity for all the pain they have caused to the people that love them. When Ivan Illych goes on to say " Yes I am a misery to them, they are all sorry but it will be better for them when I die" (pg. 160). I believe is very true when he says that he's better off dead. True because that's when the pain end for all of his family members and the healing process begins.

I think The Death of Ivan Illych changed the way I look at death.

I realized that all the money in the world couldn't buy the love that your family can give to you. But you have to take the time out of your busy schedule and except and cherish the love you are receiving from the people who love you. I also realized that when I die I don't want to regret what I have done in my life. I just want to die in peace, let my loved ones mourn at my funeral and let the healing process begin as soon as possible. The ethical decisions we make in our life are not always going to be the right ones. That's why we take on the responsibility to make our own ethical decisions, even though we know it's going to cause harm to others.

I conclusion I recommend this story, because you can realize what will happen if you neglect your family and always have your job come first. Your job may support your family but whose going to be there for you in the long run when things turn for the worst. Cherish the bond you have with your family, because you never know when one of them could be taken away from you, or you could be taken away from them for good.