The Death That Made Me Wonder

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The Death that made me wonder Hi my name is Frank Harling and I'm going to tell you about something that happened in my life that I will never ever do again. It all started when I was around the age of nine. That's when my grandfather, Roy Parks Sr. was diagnose with alltimers.

Alltimers is a condition that doesn't have a cure, and treatment is restricted. The most noticeable symptom is memory lose. The physicians and the specialist told us that he would probably never return back to his old mind. We also were told that his conditions would degenerate and it did. Early before my grandfather had gotten sick, he made a request never to be put on a life support machine. So my mother informed the doctor and he agreed to follow the instructions.

When we first brought my grandfather home, we always made him feel comfortable.

But, he was in the early stages of it. He went on his daily routines like usual. It seemed as though his mind was still the same as if it was when he was young.

As the months went by and the days grew long, slowly we could see the affects kicking in. He started off with little things like forgetting where he placed his glasses and his keys.

After this started happening that's when we decided not to let him drive. My grandmother wasn't in the best of shape either. So my older sister and her husband, and her two daughters moved in to give my grandparents a hand. My sister would drive them around, cook food, and clean the house. I always enjoyed spending time with my grandfather. I recall before he got sick we would go outside and pick up pecans. When he got...