The death of me

Essay by suicidequeen September 2004

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the death of me [13 Apr 2004|11:27pm]

sing to me

wipe the tears from my eyes

please tell me it will be ok

but i know it would be a lie

because im not ok

im hurting, im bleeding

my eyes are burning

im broken and screaming

but you cant hear me

only i hear this piercing pain

only you can make it stop

but you'd rather watch me go insain

i thought i knew you

thought i understood this game we play

but its getting way to out of hand

and your ahead im ashamed to say

you have me hurt

cant seem to get off the ground

me knees are a bloody fucking mess

and my thoughts just spin round and round

im so sick of all the denial

your blindness makes me cringe

im so angry that you try to ignore

the things you feel within

but i am so weak

from trying to make you understand

you are my only one true love

it will never lie within another man

i know that you love me deep inside

why cant you just let us be

instead you have to push it away

and its going to be the death of me

please dont be the death me

come sweep up my beaten soul

make this pain just go away

i hate that you have that control

but i just cant keep on fighting

i hurt with every blink

i want to close my swollin eyes

sleep so i no longer think