Death Penalty

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Research Paper On the Death Penalty Do we have the right to play god. In Cry The Beloved Country by Alan Paton. A black African man was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. With feelings of guilt and remorse in his heart , he willingly pleaded guilty to having killed a white man by the name of Arthur Jarvis. His sentence was inhumane and unjust." An eye for an eye will would make the whole world blind.

Plea bargains are sparing the lives of white defendants in federal capital cases at a rate much higher than those of black defendants. According to 146 federal death penalty cases shows that 60% of white defendants in federal capital cases had their sentence reduced to plea bargins. While only 41% of convicted African Americans in very similar cases have reached such an agreement. They are just not receiving the same type of treatment that everyone else is.

Hotline Scoop (www. Absolam Kumalo never received such an option as a plea bargain. The only sentence that was possible for him to receive was death, and this sentence was based on his color. These type of sentencing acts are a very huge concern to all minorities all over the globe. People die everyday because of hate crimes, we don't need to bring more death and hate crimes into the court room. The court room is a place for reasoning and solving problems, not for killing based on racial hate and dislike. People do not have the right to judge other people and sentence them to be killed, especially because of the color of there skin.

In the past 30 years great effort has been made to try and protect the innocent from the guilty. Since 1973 legal protections have been so extraordinary that...