Death Penalty

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The employment of the death penalty as the ultimate criminal sanction has been subjected in enormous debates. Many people view that capital punishment should be illegal. Since 1977, the executions have increased almost eighty-five percent. The number of people put on death row has risen from five hundred to over thirty-five hundred. Some of the popular reasons that many people want capital punishment to be illegal are poverty issues with obtaining a lawyer, the message it gives out, the homicide rate increases when it is legal, the cost of putting people to death, and the racism and/or sexism involved.

In many criminal cases that the sentencing results in capital punishment, the poor defendants will not be able to afford there own attorney. Since they my not be able to afford there own trial lawyer the state provides one for them. The states attorneys that are provided are new, drunks, racists, or just professionally incompetent.

The poor are more likely to be sentenced to death then the wealthy that can afford a higher-paid attorney. Those who have a court-appointed legal representative are twice likely to get sentenced to the death then the one with the high-dollar lawyer (Williams, View Points 11)

Many believe that the death penalty is giving a message out to others that it is ok to take someone's life in revenge of another person. Many humans believe that judges that sentence people to death are playing God and believe that that it is sac-religious. Giving someone a date to die is just as bad as someone pre-meditating a murder and the ones that do that are sentence to death. Now that doesn't seem right because it is really contradicting its own self.

People in favor of capital punishment believe that it will deter crime and lower the risk...