The Death Penalty

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The death penalty is the worst sentence someone can receive in the United States. It takes a violent crime to be given the sentence. The question is does anyone deserve the Death Penalty? Should it be used in modern day? Does it save the taxpayers money to execute someone? Why are some people against it?

Does anyone ever deserve the death penalty? I think in some cases it should happen. I believe that if someone knowingly takes another persons life, he should be killed also. Even the bible says that "Whoever strikes a man a mortal blow must be put to death." Almost every culture throughout history has used the death penalty as a necessary tool for maintaining order. The only change throughout time has been what was deemed worth giving the penalty. Recently though all countries in Western Europe have abolished the death penalty. Now to a lot of people, the death penalty is one of the things that people look down at us for.

The death penalty is used in every state throughout the U.S. except in Wisconsin. However the death penalty is only used today in mostly extreme circumstances. Some of the ways people have been executed have changed but today people die a somewhat quick and painless death. The electric chair, gas chamber, lethal injection, firing squad, and hanging are all methods of execution that have been used and recorded back to 1976. The most popular form being lethal injections, 861 executions using this method.

Could the use of lethal injection and other forms of execution be used to help save taxpayers money? Some people say that more people should be put to death to save taxpayers money. But it is actually cheaper to keep someone in a maximum security prison for life than...