The Death Penalty

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In America, we have an issue that is controversial and has been debated by many people in many places high and low from the families of victims to families of the accused to many of other people from all over the world. This issue is about the death penalty, the death penalty affects criminals that have done crimes bad enough that deserve to die, like murder, rape, etc. I believe the death penalty should be reinstated because it would be a deterrent to criminal, it would be like an eye for an eye, and it would bring closer to families. There a lot more reasons why the death penalty should be reinstated but I believe that these are some of the more main reasons why the death penalty should reinstated. Even though revenge is not sweet and the death penalty is like revenge I think that in this case the death penalty is necessary because unlike revenge there is a really good reason why they deserve it.

What goes around comes around.

I think one of the main reasons that the death penalty should be reinstated is because it would be a deterrent to any criminals. If I were a criminal, I would definitely reconsider doing any type of crime if I knew that the death penalty was there and that my state would enforce the death penalty if I committed a major crime like murder. I would do my best not to commit any crimes because I know if I killed any one that I might be killed to and I don‘t think any criminal actually would like to be killed. I think a criminal would rather spend their whole life in prison then to die. Would be criminals would have heard about other criminals that have been sentenced...