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The solar System Abstract: Our solar system is in the galaxy named Milky Way. It is mainly composed of the sun and the nine planets. The sun is a huge mass and the biggest source of energy and the planets revolve around the sun in a nearly circular orbits. The sun and the planets are far away from each other. Many other objects such as the satellites of planets, asteroids and meteoroids too revolve around the sun. Until now life has been only possible on the planet Earth. The life may be possible on mars. In this article we will learn more about the discovery of the solar system, sun, its planets and their moons.

Problem: Before starting this project I was very interested to know about the solar system. I often use to look in the magazines to know about all this solar system and space. I also want to know about the history of the universe and the solar system.

But the thing that made me more interested is that: Is there life possible on other planets? What would be the climate of other planets? Or Research: When I got this project (The Solar System) to do, I started to find information?s and references about it. I used to go to the libraries to look for books about the project, I got many useful information?s about the sun and the planet Earth, but I want to get more information about the other planets and their climate conditions, which was my aim and I was very interested in it and for this I chose this topic. Then I preferred to use the Internet on which I found many useful sites through the yahoo search engine. The site, which I used for my project, is www. Solar and it...