Death Penalty

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Death Penalty


Capital punishment and death penalty both are really same words actually. We have made rules and regulations in every field but we have not till yet become able to sort out the problems and negotiations occurred on the topic of death penalty or you can say that capital punishment. The death penalty or capital punishment still held in the states of America. According to the knowledge of investigator it has been cleared that in 1976 capital punishment was first abolished in Canada. Not even this, but this has also seemed that the last capital punishment was given to the culprit in the Canada and this held in nineteen sixty two (Taylor, 2010).


As we all know that the life is very priceless, valuable and precious gift of God to us. We should not deny from this. Sometimes many ups and downs come in your life, so many of the people are sensitive and do not want to live it more.

Life does not know that you are going with crises so life does not know that you are going with the crises or some sorts of problems. So life does not mean that you place full stop in your upcoming life. You must know that putting full stop is not the solution of every problem (Taylor, 2010).

Still in most of the countries the death penalty and capital punishment is at its peak.

Keeping all the views and in the mind it is right to give penalty as death because the most Shockingly brutal, cruel and extremely wicked and worst crime is the murder means that taking another's right of living and putting him/her to the death, so death penalty should imposed to the murderer (Taylor, 2010).

The most fright full part of death penalty...