the death penalty

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Name: Prashant Sathpathy

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Course: DIP1002

Assignment: 2A

Introduction: This review has critically investigated four separate cases concerned with the issue of the death penalty and capital punishment. The arguments for and against, question the morality of the death penalty and its effectiveness in societies. The central ideology concerned with abolishing capital punishment suggests its violation of denying offenders the basic human right of life.

Furthermore each case study positions the reader to examine and differentiate the complexities between murders and killing, the severity of punishments of various crimes and the flaws in the criminal justice system that determine premeditated killings by states. The aims of this analysis are to identify each of the arguments made and evaluate the strengths and weakness of these arguments. In order to effectively examine the opinions of the author's, the credibility of these arguments will need to be verified by factual information and statistics thus determining if the author's position is objective.

After careful examination of each reading, the reading "Arguments for and against capital punishment in the UK " not only presents a stronger case for and against capital punishment but also prompted the reader to further analyse the restructuring of the criminal justice system in various countries and illustrates examples of past criminal cases with statistics and the physiological implications each case has had on society, families and the offender. Overall the article was well written, clear and relevant to the topic.


Critical Analysis of The Death Penalty: Morally Defensible?

The purpose of this reading is to persuade the reader that the death penalty is morally defensible act. The author argues that capital punishment is the best effective measure in reducing crime throughout society. In analysis of the article the arguments made indicate that executing offenders for...