The Death Penalty

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The Death PenaltySteve Roach is a twenty-three-year-old man from Virginia. As a child, he lived in a dysfunctional family being neglected of parental supervision, had an alcohol problem, and had a few run ins with the law. Despite all of these difficulties, he still seemed to be a decent seventeen-year-old, until one day, he killed a seventy-year-old woman, who was like a grandmother to him, in order to steal her money. He ran away from Virginia with her money and credit card, but three days later, turned himself in to the authorities. Steve was convicted of murder and the jury sentenced him to death based solely on believing that he would be a continuous threat to society. In January of the year 2000, six years after being sentenced, Steve still hopes that he will be pardoned of death, depending on Virginia?s governor?s decision. He hopes that the governor will take into account how young he is and how he is not a repeat offender.

Steve pleads for forgiveness and tried to prove that he is a changed man. He begs for his life because he wants to devote his life to helping other people who may be prone to making mistakes like he did. But will the governor listen to his plea? On the day of his scheduled execution, Steve waits the governor?s final decision and finally, one hour before his scheduled time, he receives notice that the governor has decided not to intervene with the jury?s decision of the death penalty. After his death, Steve?s attorney states, ?The principle lesson he wanted his own death to communicate is that this makes no sense. Killing kids makes no sense, and it must be stopped.? But, if Steve were to be pardoned of death, would he have been able to...