Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty The death penalty has been around for three centuries. For those three centuries of having the death penalty, the death penalty has not shown any effectiveness in preventing crime. The death penalty is more costly than imprisoning someone for 40 years (Lee 100). Not only is the death penalty costly but it is unfair, cruel, ineffective, and morally unacceptable. The death penalty should not continue.

The death penalty should continue because it deters crime. Steven Goldberg, writer of the article ?The Death Penalty Deters Murder?, says that ?The death penalty can deter murder and is an effective way to protect the lives of many innocent people? (Goldberg 113). Goldberg also writes that ?Those who oppose the death penalty have more concern for those sentenced to die than for the innocent victims of murder? (Goldberg 113). Supporters for the death penalty debate that much of the support for the death penalty rests on its presumed value as a general deterrent (Akers and Radlet 1).

Supporters propose that Americans need the death penalty to encourage potential murderers to avoid engaging in criminal homicides (Akers and Radlet 1). Supporters? dispute that people fear death more than anything else does, and that no other punishment is as effective as execution (Nathanson 119). Supporters debate that the death penalty deters murder although the execution of a particular murderer will neither prevent the death of the victim nor restore the victim to life, it will prevent other murderers and thus prevent the deaths of other victims (Nathanson 120). Supporters of the death penalty debate that the death penalty deters crime because so far murderers have gotten out of a grave since murderers can usually find ways to get out of prison (Lee 103).

The death penalty should continue because it does not discriminate...