Death Penalty: An Escape or A Punishment?

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Death Penalty: An Escape or A Punishment?

After pulling Eric Marshall over, because he'd been talking with a prostitute, Officer Matthew Bowens and Officer Jennifer Fettig returned to their cruiser with Marshall's license. Marshall then got out of his pickup, approached the officer's car and shot Officer Fettig twice, at least once in the head. He then ran away while Officer Bowens got out of the cruiser and radioed for backup. Marshall returned and shot Bowens before taking the officer's weapon and driving away; neither officer was able to return fire (Krupa par13). Although the death of these two Detroit police officers is a tragedy, what makes them important enough to re-introduce the rephrasing of the constitution to allow the death penalty to be legal in Michigan? Why does state Rep. Larry Julian feel that, by allowing the death penalty in Michigan, the state will be a safer place? In considering whether or not to reverse the constitution and legalize the death penalty, there are many aspects to be considered before any action is taken.

The death penalty has many up-sides as well as downsides and they should all be carefully considered.

To start, in abling the death penalty in Michigan, mass murderers will have to think twice before they commit such heinous crimes. In this nation, thirty-eight out of fifty states hold the death penalty as a punishment (Gurovitsch par 10). Michigan, as of right now, does not. Michigan's leaders have finally realized that people who commit such awful crimes deserve to be brutally punished. What brought about the reconsideration of the death penalty, the death of two Detroit officers? What did not bring about the reconsideration of the death penalty, all of the families of victims who were murdered. Just the same, Michigan is finally taking the...