The Death Penalty - This essay is against it.

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The death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment granted by our government. Many questions should be asked before making such a decision on someone else's life. Some of these questions would include: What percent of innocent people have been put to death? Is the death penalty the only way to stop hideous crimes? Are methods of execution reliable as the government say they are? Does justice prevail through the death penalty? How much does the death penalty hurt America's economics? These questions need to be thought about before anyone decides to push the button. Though there are people who will argue that the death penalty should remain in effect, the truth is that the death penalty should be abolished.

Many death row inmates have been convicted and sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. The justice system has failed miserably. Corruptions, flawed investigations and inadequate legal representation are just a few of the problems.

How would one feel if he was arrested one day and sentenced to death for a crime that he had nothing to do with? Here is a fact on a case of an innocent man: Roybal, D. (2005) "stated that Ryan Matthew and a friend were arrested in 1997 while joy riding. Pulled off the road and handcuffed by lawmen following a grocery store slaying. Officers dug up two purported eyewitnesses who said Ryan and his friend were responsible; Ryan was fingered as the triggerman." The sad part was after five years in prison this man was found innocent. Ryan lost five years of his life on death row and suffered for a crime he did not commit and almost lost his own life in the process. As one can see, innocent people have been sentenced to death legally. This type of story...