The death penalty should we let it go

Essay by dudd88 January 2005

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Death Penalty: Should you go?

Everyday people are put in prison, and why for anything? Rape, murder, anything... But when you kill someone should you be put in prison? Or should you be put to the death penalty? And who should decide??? I think that you should be put to the death penalty. Why should we have to pay our taxes, and have them be spent on you to sit in prison and eat, drink, workout, and smoke? All daylong, and you are basically acting free, only you are behind closed bars. That's is not right, if you committed a crime that is so bad that they even considered giving you the death penalty and they find out that you guilty, such a raping and killing a child you should go to the death right then and there. Not wait around for a bunch of hearings and things. That's just wasting time.

Thomas Jefferson once said, " The difference of an opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry leads to truth." I believe that. When people have different opinions about different subjects, different things get brought to the surface that would usually not have been brought up to the surface of the conversation, if everyone had not agreed. People whom one disagrees should not be regarded as enemies but yet, people who's views deserve careful examination.

They may shed light on one's own in the end. Criminal defense law is probably one of the most misunderstood practices in the profession of law. A lot of people ask themselves that one question: " How can you defend a guilty person? The most important principle in this established system is that the defendant is always innocent until proven guilty. Which is not with just for the death penalty it's for all...