Death Penalty is vengeance.

Essay by Jukjik April 2003

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The only purpose for the death penaly is vengeance. I think vengeance is a very personal feeling, and I don' think itis something that a civiized govenment should take part of. The death penalty does little to prevent crime. The death penalty i the fear of apprehension and the likely prospect of swift and easy punihment that supposedly provides the largest deterrent to crime. The death penalty however actually hinders the fight against crime.

"I have seen the ugliness of murder up closed and personal. But I have never heard a murder suspect say they thought about the death pnealty as a consequence of their actions prior to committing their crimes," said a Police Lieutenant from Kansas, Geregory Ruff. Referring to the statement above, I am not covinced that capital punishment is a deterrent to crime because most criminals do not think about the deah penalty before they commit a violent or capital crime.

And it actually costs three tiems as much o carry out thedeath sentece than to keep an inmate in prison for 40 years. In other words, it's cheaper to lock them up and throw away the key. The approximate number indicates that the cost of the death penalty to taxpayers is over 2$million per execution. If $2 milliion is spent on the death penalty, then the same money is not available for more police officers, orfor bullet proof vests, etc. Under current proposals for restricting death penalty appeals, the sentence would be carried out years after it is imposed on relatively few of all the convicted murderers, and with a substantial likelihood that the sentencing are rarely overturned a appeal.

The death penalty is a obvious violation of the national law. Such as the eighth amendment for an example, "Excessive bail shall not be required,