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The death penalty is it all just wrong? Does it have some purpose in society? An eye for an eye, a life for a life? Does this philosophy hold true in the twentieth century? These are some of the questions asked by normal people in the world today. In this paper are just my view not right or wrong just the way I think. My views are on how the death penalty is use to sparingly; I believe that it should be used more. By using it more we wouldn't have to use it as much. The death penalty is taking too lightly in this country making many people less afraid to do crimes.

A reason that the death penalty shouldn't be taking so lightly is that there are more meaninglessly deaths and rapes then any time before in this country. Although the death penalty is very expensive, even more expensive then hold a person in a maximum prison for life the cost over all would be greatly less.

As of right now we have had a 33% increase in inmates since 1990 if that rate continues in 20 years there will be more people in jail then out. So by making more crimes eligible for the death penalty I feel that it would be more cost effective in the long wrong.

Another reason that the death penalty should be more strictly enforced is for crimes like drug trafficking, spying against a country, and terrorism. In our day in age there shouldn't be any leeway on crimes of that matter. Many people believe that just because they did not kill someone they shouldn't be killed themselves, well I believe that them crimes in one way or another kill or hurt people along the way and should get the maximum...