Death of Poe.

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Edgar Allen Poe had an unstable mind, which led him to occupying himself with bizarre subjects. Poe was born in Boston in 1809 to two very unique parents (Krutch 274). His parents were not your typical parents settling down to raise a family. They were actors and traveled the world. Both of his parents died in 1811, leaving behind three children with no place to go. Edgar Allen Poe's brother William died shortly after his parents, and his sister Rosalie lost her mind. Without a formal adoption, John Allen and his wife took in Poe. They were prosperous tobacco merchants in Richmond, Virginia. He moved with the Allen family to England and had trouble adjusting to the different place. He attended school there from 1815-1820 (Speaight 589). In 1822 the Allen's returned to Richmond and enrolled at the University of Virginia. Because of gambling debts while at the school, he was asked to withdraw from the school.

Poe's relationship with the Allen's deteriorated after they would not pay his gambling debts. He enlisted in the army in 1927, and began to enjoy a new hobby, writing. He printed copies of his first writings "Tamer lane" and other poems but did not get much attention. Poe did not last long in the army and was expelled in 1831. With no place to go and no career to lean on, he went and lived with his aunt Maria Clem. He continued to write and felt it was his only thing to turn to. American Novelist John P. Kennedy helped Poe and he was able to win an editorial post in "Southern Literary Messenger" in Richmond. His writing talent grew and he continued to write. In 1841 he married his thirteen-year-old cousin Virginia, and got a great job as an editor of...