How death is portrayed in the media that it affects on children and my feedback of it.

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People die everyday all over the world. In United States, people use hundreds of different words to describe death. Generally, people that grow up in the United States tend to view death as a taboo subject and are seen as a topic that should be kept behind closed doors and contracted with an individual or family. A belief system that so many individuals hold to be true has been shaped over the past century. In this culture, death has become something that is enormously feared and as a result, some people stop living their lives to his or her highest potential because of their fear of dying. The effect that death has pertains to individuals of all ages, gender and ethnicities. But unfortunately, how death is viewed it has become more and more difficult for parents to talk with their children about death. Many parents not enough to talk or discuss death to their children until someone close to family dies, but even then children are simply told that someone they know has pasted away.

Children have a very difficult time to understanding what death really means and must learn how deal with lose of someone they know internally.

Due to the absence of an adult make an outline to children about death, children often unintentionally learn about death through other sources such as television, movies and video games. Diverse media sources have become the major area where children shape their ideas and belief about death. Due to how death is perceived by the majority of the population in the society, media has used death as a highly marketable topic. Media often distorts and twists death, as something that it will never happen to someone close to you.

In many instances children think of death as "cool" or a...