Death Row

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Professor Hepburn

English 1302

17 Sept. 2012

Death Row

The death penalty shouldn't be abolished for many good reasons, one of them being that it brings people to justice. But, unfortunately it costs a lot of money, money that could be used toward other beneficial programs. I believe the death penalty should be carried forward, but at the same time for them to adjust it. Adjust it in a way that will save the government but also save the lives of innocent people put on death row. Many innocent lives can be saved from death row simply by investigating the case more and applying modern science. Modern science is a key factor when it comes to sentencing someone. Evidence must be seriously taken into account because it can determine weather the person deserves the death penalty or not. The death penalty shouldn't be something to hesitate about, when its obvious that the person in guilty.

The death penalty might be one of the most expensive trial processes there is but it removes many unworthy people from the community, which keeps our people safe. The death penalty can help remove ruthless unworthy people from doing harm to anyone else. According to Kent Scheidegger, "three-quarters of the people believe it should be imposed at least as often as it is at present" (965). Wouldn't you want the person who relentlessly took your loved one's life pay with his own?

Death row should be exclusively reserved for the citizens that have truly been trialed correctly and thoroughly inspected. in the words of Richard Dieter, "The death penalty divides the community by distinguishing between "worthy" and "unworthy" victims" (965). Death row is not a game that you can play with. A man's life is not a chess piece, it is simply unethical to...