Death of a saleman

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Death of a Salesman Willy and Linda have a typical marriage but it seems as if it is Linda that is keeping the family together. You can tell that Linda cares deelply for Willy, because the way that she talks to him. When Willy came back from Yonkers and he was explaining to Linda about why he turned around and came back home, he tells Linda that he was having some lapses in his conscienceness, all she did was tell him to take a rest.(p.13) She could have just as easily told him that they need money to pay the bills and they could not afford to have him missing work. Biff says" stop making excuses for him! He always, always wiped the floor with you. Never had an ounce of respect for you. (p.55) Biff brought the theory to a conclusion. Also on page thirteen Willy and Linda have a dialogue that makes it more obvious of the understanding she has for her husband by making excuses for him In this dialogue you can sense the frustrations of Willy trying to figure out why all these events are happening to him, and Linda is either making excuses because she is in denial that this is happening to her Willy or she does this because she has accepted the fact that Willy is really loosing it.

The relationship between Willy and Linda Loman is deeper and more complex than it may seem at first. (p.39) You would not know the true reason of Willy flaring up at Linda for mending a stocking until Willy has flashbacks about the affair he had with another woman,(p.121) this also explains why he and Biff are not on good terms. On page one hundred twenty-one Bif sobs while he says "You-you gave her Mama's...