The Death Of A Sales Men

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Wily Loemen, A Tragic Hero The Death of A Sales Men This year in school,we read the play The Death of A Sales Men, This was a very interesting book in it The main character wily Loemen came to a horrific end, some believe he died for a good cause some beg to differ.

Wily Loemen, a loving father and husband whose heart was in the right place but his head was in the clouds. Wily was a pure lost soul, going through life always searching for something unknown and of coarse to his bitter end he finds no solutions. Wily killed him self at the end of this play so that his family would get his life insurance and not be homeless and hungry, it is true he did save his family form being on the streets but is it worth his life, to wily it was. He was convinced that he was left to wither in denial by the ones he thought to be his friends.

Which was untrue because Charlie (his neighbor) always tried to help him but wily never excepted his help. Wily was suffering the bitterness of the ones who are left alone; to him he was worth more dead then alive.

This was an undeniable dilemma, but this weren't the only problems wily was suffering from, he also was hallucinating, and seeing his brother Ben, and talking to him making matters worse. Ben had been dead for sometime and was a figment form Wiley's dark and twisted imagination, in fact Wiley's hallucinations insisted that he kill him self they told him it was a good idea. So to me wily is not a tragic hero he is criminally insane. Lead by the demons of his own sub consciousnesses he deiced to give it all up, which in a certain light is weak and in another brave.

So in Conclusion wily is no hero, but he wasn't a bad person, I feel sorry for him. And amazed that a human mind can become that corrupt. This was defiantly a good story, but sadly these kinds of things actually do happen.