The Death Of A Salesman

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The relationship between a son and his father is a relationship that will never end. The relationship among Willy, the father, and Biff, the son, is elaborate and very unsteady, as some relationships always are. The relationship starts off great but then a certain event, or action takes place and the relationship takes a turn for the worst. As a result of this happening, reality strikes.

In the beginning the relationship of Biff and Willy could not be better. Biff admires Willy not only as a father but role model too. He hangs on to every word Willy says. They are best friends; Willy is a proud father of the high school starting quarterback. Willy loves his sons and works hard everyday just to keep them happy. He devotes everything to him. In return for all the love given by Willy, Biff says he will make his father proud. Biff says, ""¦when I take off my helmet, that touchdown is for you"¦"(Miller 88).

With a son like that, there is not a father in the world, who would not help his son in a time of need. Later in his senior year, Biff fails his mathematics course so he pays a visit to his working father in Boston at a hotel. What he witnesses in that room will change this relationship until the end of time.

In the hotel room Biff mistakenly sees Willy playfully cheating on his wife with a blonde woman who was supposedly just taking a shower in his room. When Biff sees this he sits down and recalls all the advice his father has told him since he was young. Biff realizes something about his father from this happening. He realizes that Willy is a make-believe phony. Everything he ever said, did or wanted was bogus.