Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman Willy's tragic flaw is his denial of his failure in the business and of his son's failure at school. We could already see that a dramatic conflict is present at the beginning of the story because his identity and the one of his family is based on denial. As an example, Willy was desperated and even try to get money from his insurance company by crashing his truck. When he realises that there's nothing left for him, he commited suicide by crashing his car.

Willy's tragic flaw is due to his refusal to admit that he has problems in the business. By this time, he got an identity crisis and was in a kind of depression. His sons and wife decided to help him by motivating him to regain confidence in himself and break his identity crisis. Since then, Willy regained a little bit of confidence and went to see his boss to ask him a promotion.

Instead of receiving a promotion, he got fired. Then, Willy went to see his friend Charley because he needed some money. Charley proposed a job to him, but Willy refused it because he was to proud to admit that he needs a job. Charley could see that Willy has a problem so he gave him the amount of money he needed. As we can see in the book, Willy was kind of lost. I think he was afraid that his family discovered his failure in the business.

The moral order in this story are the family and his business. Willy had a good relationship with his wife and kids, except with Biff because he was afraid that Biff becomes a falier just like him. Willy was a good man who wanted the good of his family. Willy wanted that...