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`"Death of a Salesman" is a classic play that deals with a character who discovers his life essentially has no meaning. He suddenly wakes up one day and discovers all he has done has gotten him nowhere, and with that realization his life begins to end. He begins to lose control over his sanity and whether or not he knows it, he desires to find a way to put an end to his life. It is a classic tale of disillusionment.

Even though this tale is classic the audiences today are not necessarily drawn to such drama, especially if such drama took place in a time and place such as "Death of a Salesman" did. while there will always be theater goers who attend classic productions, the general population wishes to see new faces, and relevant issues that they feel they can relate to. In light of these facts, were this tale to be done today, in a film format, the story

would need to change slightly in order to make it applicable to today's society.

The general idea of the film, the notion that a man who has spent his entire life in one career field suddenly finds he is no longer a viable member of the industry he is involved in, is a notion that is very relevant in today's society. How often do we hear of individuals losing their jobs because of cutbacks, or because they tasks they are performing are outdates? More often than we would perhaps care to admit. In light of this, it would be imperative to discover some specific job that many individuals could relate to. Any industry involving computers or advanced technology would apply, for

in this particular field new faces are always coming onto the scene. The men who have been...