"Death of a Salesman"by Arthur Miller: Write a letter as though I had spent a week there observing the family.

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Dear Mother,

Where to begin? Well Uncle Willy returned three days ago from his travels to Boston. When he arrived, he told everyone he made a five hundred gross, which means his commission is two hundred and twelve dollars. However, Mother, this did not sit right with me. For some reason I felt it inside, there was something wrong with Willy's sales. So I decided to talk to Aunty about it. She thought there was something fishy about how her husband had come back with such a good sale for the first time in a long time. We both confronted Uncle and he started making up these excuses for why he had not sold as much as he had first told us. Said there was some trouble with a few stores because half of them were closed or inventory and so on. Otherwise, he "would have broken records" so he said.

I do not buy it Mom.

Your sister did not seem to mind much, considering he had just lied to her and her sons faces. I asked her about it a few nights ago, while everyone else was asleep. We stayed up to have some tea and talk about things. She is an incredible woman, Mom, just like you. It seems to me that she is more of a mother to him, than a wife, that she needs to shield him from all of life's harsh realities. She told me she accepts all of Willy's lies because she knows he means good. He is a dreamer she said and she encourages him. Hopefully, one day, his dreams will become real and will make him happy. That is all he wants, is for his family and self to be happy and successful. She also said that it pains him...