Death of a Salesman Essay

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In the Play, Death of a Salesman, Fitzgerald has examples of different binary oppositions throughout the play. Binary oppositions give different perspectives throughout any story to show a deeper side of the story. He has binaries such as rich and poor, dream and disappointment, love and anger, old and young, and past and present.

The binary opposition of rich and poor gives a view of the book as either you are rich and you can pay your bills or you cannot pay your bills even with a job. The world in Willy's eyes is that everyone else is rich accept him and his wife, and even though he is working hard to keep his bills paid and his wife feel okay.

Looking at the binary opposition of dream versus disappointment, it is seen as either a dream that sound so good and easy to achieve, but then balanced out with the disappointment of the dream not coming true.

Will Loman has his share of a dream that Biff would have his own business bringing money to the house to pay for bills and for the house. When Mr. Loman is told by Biff that he doesn't get the job or talked to Bill Oliver, he gets so upset and becomes disappointed in the failure of his son.

The back and forth between arguing and love is another perspective in this book to look from. Willy and Linda Loman both love their sons, Biff and Happy, to the end of the Earth, but because of the lack of money and the falling into poverty, it makes it harder to stay happy. Especially for Biff and Willy Loman, they are the main two characters in the book who argue the most and it mostly about a job and...